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10 Best Games You Should Play Before ARK 2 Game


In the meantime, fans impatiently awaiting the release of ARK 2 can try the following games with similar themes.

Wildcard, the company behind ARK: Survival Evolved, has confirmed that there will be a sequel and that it will be launched in late 2024. Given the lengthy period between the announcement and the release of the second game. People may be seeking for a game to tide them over until then.

There aren’t many survival games that are even somewhat equivalent to ARK: Survival Evolved, but there are plenty of amazing survival games out there that can at least provide players with a sense of peril and the necessity for survival. There are numerous wonderful games for fans waiting for ARK 2’s arrival. Whether it’s a captivating narrative or the anxiety of travelling through a forest at night.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Of course, players who are anticipating ARK 2 may wish to revisit the game’s prologue. ARK: Survival Evolved is, after all, one of the best survival games available. Even more unusual is the ability to tame dinosaurs to aid in their survival.

ARK: Survival Evolved offers more than enough content for players to dig into for the next year. Thanks to a big fan base, consistent developer support, and hours upon hours of gameplay. Not only that, but Wildcard has revealed that ARK: Survival Evolved will be remastered on Unreal Engine 5 in August 2023.

Sons Of The Forest

The Forest is widely regarded as one of the best survival experiences available in a computer game. After years of anticipation, The Forest’s sequel will be released in February 2023. Sons of the Forest, the sequel to The Forest, is a new survival game. That expands on the universe created by The Forest.

Players can enter a large woodland island teeming with cannibals and freaks. To flourish on the island of Sons of the Forest. Players will need to build, scavenge, hunt, suffer, and reveal secrets.

Green Hell

Green Hell is one of the more realistic games in the survival genre that players can enjoy. This game puts players in the shoes of archaeologist Jake Higgins, who becomes stranded in the Amazon Rainforest.

Many hazardous things inhabit the rainforest, and the terror of nighttime runs parallel to the fear of exploring around ARK at night. Green Hell not only features fantastic gameplay, but it also has a gripping plot for interested gamers.


Minecraft is without a doubt the oldest game on our list. The Minecraft was first released in 2011, and it has since accumulated an enormous amount of anticipation and adoration.

Because of its popularity, Spacebar Clicker game has received numerous updates in order to keep it alive, and it currently contains hundreds of new features that were never considered feasible in the block-themed game. Minecraft is a distinct take on the survival genre, with a strong emphasis on building to survive. Minecraft, like ARK, has an infinite sense of adventure.


As one of the most popular forms of survival games, zombie-survival titles are in high demand in the video game industry. Fortunately, there are several amazing zombie games available, but none come close to the realism exhibited in DayZ.

DayZ allows players to build their own character before venturing out into an open-world part of post-apocalyptic Russia. Zombies have taken over the land, and players must fight for their lives. Everything in DayZ is significant, including food, thirst, health, sickness, adversaries, and even shelter.


Rust began as a basic clone of DayZ, which was originally a mod for the game ARMA 3. This game, like its zombie-survival sister, places players on an open-world map alongside other players. Each person will need to acquire goods before constructing their home and weaponry.

Most importantly, in Rust, players must keep an eye out for the game’s main threat: other players. Rust is essentially a violent sandbox survival game in which players are continuously fighting one other.

Conan Exiles

Fans of PVE survival, which is one of the most popular modes in ARK: Survival Evolved. Will fall in love with the survival game Conan Exiles. Conan Exiles is a multiplayer open-world survival game that was released in 2017 but is still pretty active.

Before being thrown into a wasteland full of foes, whether NPC bandits or vicious players. Players can construct their own character. In Conan Exiles, players can construct their way to the top and complete several feats along the way, such as killing gods.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is up there with the best “from nothing to something” video game stories. This game is an open-world survival game, similar to ARK: Survival Evolved. Players in No Man’s Sky have crash-landed on a randomly created planet.

They are now free to explore an infinitely generated universe of planetary systems after repairing their ship. No Man’s Sky has received numerous updates since its initial release. Filling it with material that will keep players occupied for hours, much like ARK: Survival Evolved.


Simply simply, Subnautica is one of the best survival games for anyone to play. Subnautica is set on a planet entirely formed of water, and the player has crash-landed there.

Subnautica may be difficult for thalassophobic players, as they will be required to confront the depths of a never-ending ocean filled of technology, secrets, fish, and huge predators. The Subnautica provides players with a one-of-a-kind survival experience as well as an enthralling narrative that will keep them swimming in the depths.


Valheim will be a blast for Xbox and PC gamers who have played ARK: Survival Evolved and are eager for ARK 2. This game is a survival game set in one of the kingdoms of Norse mythology, albeit the Valheim realm is unique to the game.

Players are Vikings who have lost their lives and are attempting to conquer and colonise a kingdom. Throughout Valheim, players must craft, develop, and face fierce foes that must be well prepared for.

The sequel to ARK will be launched in late 2024.

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