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Applying for a Business Loan? 9 Things to Prepare Beforehand

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Business Loans are helpful when starting or expanding your business; however, applying for a Business Loan comes with its own challenges. In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 most important things to prepare before applying for a Business Loan.  

What is a Business Loan? 

Various lenders offer unsecured business loans in India to help expand businesses and meet their urgent financial needs. Knowing the requirements of a Business Loan in Surat can make it easier to obtain one.

9 Things to Prepare Before Applying For A Business Loan

Take the following steps to make the process of getting a Business Loan smooth.


To guarantee an easy Business Loan application process, research the many types of loans available, when it is acceptable, and what factors to consider before completing an application.

Credit Score

Your credit score reflects your loan repayment history, credit lines, debt management, and timely bill payment, which determines your creditworthiness. Entrepreneurs or business owners with poor credit should start small and make timely payments to establish credibility and qualify for more credit.

Identity Proof

You must provide identification proof when you apply for a Business Loan. You can use your Aadhar card, driving license, PAN card, etc., as your ID card. 

Address Proof 

You will also need the address proof of your company and yourself. Lenders must be assured that the company functions from a legal address and is not a front for fraudulent activity.

Previous Six-Month Bank Statements

Bank statements provide a comprehensive picture of monthly activities to understand whether they can pay their EMIs on time. Lenders use bank statements to evaluate a company’s income and spending patterns, including loan payments, rent checks, and operating expenses. 

Balance Sheet

Balance sheets show what a business owns and owes, with assets including property, receivables, cash, and liabilities such as loans, lines of credit, etc. Lenders use balance sheets to evaluate a company’s ability to pay outstanding liabilities, and a positive balance indicates a business can repay its debts.

Account Of Profits And Losses For The Previous Two Years

A record of profits and losses for the previous two years is required for a Business Loan to evaluate the company’s financial performance and ability to repay the loan.

Proof Of Continuation

When applying for a Business Loan in Surat, evidence of the company’s existence and ongoing operation is typically required. This evidence may include documents such as Trade License, Establishment Certificates, Service Tax Certificates, GST Registration, or previously filed Income Tax Returns (ITRs). 

Sole Proprietorship Declaration

To apply for a Business Loan, a sole proprietorship must submit a declaration of ownership and, if applicable, a partnership deed in certified copies.


The application procedure for a Business Loan might be challenging, but getting one can revolutionize everything for your business. With proper research and your documentation ready, you can confidently apply for a Business Loan, which can help you secure

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