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Marriage is important in Hinduism or Indian culture due to its benefits, including each person requiring a life mate to continue their family’s succession. A wedding is not merely the union of two individuals, but also between cultures and families.

The groom and bride perform seven pheras surrounding Agni with the graces of Agnidev, relatives, and friends, which are necessary for a solid tie to last for seven births. A few families also perform Gauri puja for a wedding as per the Indian customs to ask for Goddess Gauri’s graces. 

Booking a North Indian Pandit for Hindu weddings in Bangalore will ensure that all the Hindu wedding rituals are performed according to Vedas. If you’re struggling with the link of authentic, expert, and experienced North Indian pandit in Bangalore, then SmartPuja will help you with easy and instant bookings. Connect with their experts at 080-61160400 to know more. 

North Indian Hindu Wedding Rituals and Traditions 

Hindu weddings are colorful, meticulously prepared, culturally rich celebrations brimming with joy and custom. Although the couple’s emotional, spiritual, and physical union is the fundamental component of a Hindu wedding ritual, it also entails offerings, prayers, and celebrations between two families. Some of the prevalent Hindu traditions and practices of Hindu weddings are the following:

  • Haldi (pithi) Ceremony

Turmeric paste is applied to the would-to-be bride and the groom during the pithi or mandvo pre-wedding ritual, commonly referred to as the haldi ceremony. The haldi paste’s hue, which is yellow, represents purity, fertility, and beauty. It also fends off evil, making the couple lucky and ready for a happy life together.

  • Sangeet

The pre-wedding ceremony where the celebrations officially begin is known as sangeet, which means “sung together.”

  • Mehndi

The bride and several of her close friends and family members customarily have beautiful designs made out of henna and drawn on the hands and even feet during the mehndi, a pre-wedding ceremony.

  • Baraat

The groom arrives at the marriage ceremony in a tradition known as the baraat, also known as the vara yatra. Besides, the groom arrives with a procession of family members, and usually, there is a lot of dancing and singing.

  • Lord Ganesha prayer

The Hindu wedding begins with Lord Ganesha’s puja offering salutations to remove obstacles and get good fortune.

  • Gathbandhan

In a Hindu marriage ritual, the couple’s granthibandan or gathbandhan is done by tieing the knot. In this rite, the groom and bride repeat vows to Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Narayan, and Goddess Laxmi Devi, praying for a solid and happy wedding while the groom’s scarf is linked to the bride’s shawl.

  • Kanyadan

Hindu wedding rites include a symbolic tradition, kanyadaan, which in Sanskrit signifies “handing out the bride.” The groom’s right hand is placed in the bride’s right hand by the groom’s father. It is the plea that they both enter into matrimony as partners on equal terms.

  • Varmala or Jai Mala 

The bride and groom swap floral garlands during the ceremony, called var mala or jai mala, also called milni mala. Usually composed of marigolds, roses, or jasmine flowers, the garland is frequently vividly colored.

  • The Seven Steps or Saptapadi

The Saptapadi entails the pair circumnavigating the Angi or fire at the Mandap by taking seven steps in a circular direction. Every step is referred to as a “Phere,” and every Phera represents the seven pledges and ideals that the bride and groom promised to one another when they exchanged vows.

Besides, there are other rituals, such as Mangal Sutra, Sindoor, Vidai, and certain other practices. 

Role of North Indian pandits in Hindu weddings in Bangalore 

The wedding ceremony consists of several rituals. First, the mantra ucharan and marriage Puja are done by Pandit using Havan Wood, Havan Kund, Paan Patta, Kalash, Sindoor, Laxmi Ganesh, Moli, and Puja Samagri, among other things. Besides, the pandits compare the girl’s and boy’s Kundli and Chattis Gunn for a happy married life. A Kaal Sarp Dosh is performed if the groom or bride has Manglik dosh.

The pandits also determine the ideal muhurta, including the date and month of the wedding. Also, pandit determines the dates following the Hindu calendar. So, for example, marriages are lucky on Guruparv, Ganga Snan, Baisakhi, Tulsi Vivah, Navratri, and other good days.

How to book a North Indian Pandit from Online Portals?

You may book a North Indian pandit from online portals like SmartPuja. Also, check the contact information and follow the steps to book an appointment. You may reach them to check the ritual offered by them and the cost of certain rituals. You can also contact us through the numbers given on the website.


You can organize your hindu weddings in Bangalore ceremony more effectively with North Indian pandits. Making the wedding remembered for life is the goal of the two families. Therefore, you may reserve a pandit for the wedding ceremony since the services are for every wedding ritual. 

Additionally, they offer a Puja for marital troubles when an issue makes your fantasy marriage fortunate. So, check out the wedding ritual services provided by online service providers, including Smart Puja, to make the event auspicious for you.

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