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Enhance Sales Teams Productivity With CRM Mapping Tool

If you are using a mapping tool as a stand-alone application, you are paying more and compromising on features!

Yes, you read it right!

For CRM integration, standalone apps take the help of a third-party extension, for which you have to pay extra as the integration is via a different tool and you will have limited customization options. 

A Dynamics 365 map plugin is a preferable alternative to a standalone app for Dynamics 365 users.

When it comes to boosting the productivity of your on-the-road sales team, this plugin is the finest option. Continue reading to learn how this plugin can increase the productivity of your sales representatives.

Better Visualization of Clients

A mapping tool displays all the CRM records on the map by geocoding location data. It makes it easy to find patterns and visualize data.

For example, sales of moisturizing lotion increase during winter, so if you assign more sales reps to those regions for more coverage over the territory, sales will increase.

Sales number depends on various factors like the age of your target audience, geographic location, population density, weather, etc.

The mapping tool makes it easy to visualize clients with different filters. It becomes easy for managers to assign, review, track, and view ongoing activities and tasks.

If you want your sales reps to perform better and bring in more sales, the initial research and analysis must be on point, and this is where the mapping tool can help you.

Territory Management

There are a lot of factors taken into consideration while creating territories, like zip codes, state boundaries, the number of current clients, the number of prospects, etc.

You can manage and create territories with the use of a mapping tool. You will see desired results when balanced territories are formed and assigned to sales reps. Sales reps get enough time to explore the area to understand the market requirement.

When you have unbalanced territories, sales reps face a lot of challenges. For instance, you have two territories, and you assign five sales people for each territory. There are currently 100 prospects in one territory and 400 prospects in the other.

The first team will meet all 100 prospects in under two days if they each meet 10 prospects a day. On the other hand, the other team will need 8 days to meet with all 400 prospects.

If both teams are given three days to complete the task, team 1 will finish the task before time and have nothing left to do for 3rd day, whereas the other team will have to overwork if they want to finish it in 3 days or else they won’t be able to finish the given target. Neither of the situations is favorable for any business.

With a mapping tool, you can smartly assign territories. You can allocate more sales representatives if there are more clients in order to finish your campaign more rapidly.

By taking into account these minor details, you may prevent your sales representatives from overworking. You can give your staff a balanced workload when territories are effectively managed and routinely updated, considering the addition of new clients.

Give your sales team equal opportunity by creating balanced territories. It encourages them to work harder and generate more revenue.

Route Optimization

It can be challenging to meet clients throughout the day at several locations and reach them on time because traffic can be unpredictable.

Traffic can take up a lot of sales representatives’ time. If we can shorten this period of time, it will directly boost sales representatives’ productivity and make your business money.

Also, more time spent traveling equals more fuel used. But the route optimization feature of the mapping tool can help you save on fuel.

The route optimization features show a complete route connecting all the client locations. Along with the route, they will also get an estimated arrival time so they can determine whether they will make it to the meeting on time.

Fuel consumption will also decrease as the amount of time spent driving reduces. As a result, the fuel costs will reduce simultaneously.

Sales reps can visit clients without worrying about how and when they will reach the next client. This sanity will help them work better. When they are able to achieve their targets, it gives them confidence and encouragement to work better. When they perform well, sales numbers shoot up, and your company generates more revenue.

Live Tracking

Managing an on field team is difficult because you have no update till the end of the day. Calling them for updates is not a feasible solution. They might be in a meeting or driving. But if you want to share something that requires immediate action, like a new lead to one of the on field agents, live location can help you determine who is nearby. 

The answer to each of these problems is Dynamics 365 map.  Managers are able to see where the sales representatives are with the help of the live tracking feature. With the auto check-in/out feature, managers can also see if the sales representative is in a meeting or not.

Additionally, they can view the notes that the salespeople added after the meeting. Thus, to get meeting updates, managers no longer have to continuously call their staff or wait until the end of the day.

The mapping tool also makes sure that every meeting starts on time. If the sales reps show up after the meeting time, they have to check in manually and add the reason for reaching late.


A mapping tool can be a boon for your sales team and also your business. When the teams perform better, the impact can be seen in their work. You would observe the increases in the sales number. Moreover, with sorted processes, teams enjoy working rather than struggling to meet ends. Dynamics 365 map can help you streamline the workflow. All you have to do is integrate it with your CRM and get access to the above-mentioned features and more.

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