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How Learn Types and Steps of Tableau Certification

Tableau Certification

Tableau tools are beneficial for a variety of companies. Successfully passing Tableau tests will demonstrate that you can effectively use the software. Knowing about Tableau certifications can help you choose the best one appropriate to your requirements or your work description. We look at the various types of Tableau Certification, discuss available certifications to Tableau partners and provide a guideline on the steps to prepare for certification tests.

What is a Tableau certification?

Tableau is an analysis tool many businesses utilize and the Tableau Certification permits professionals to analyze professionally. Data analysis can be an important aspect of managing businesses since it allows businesses to make better decisions. The two most popular certified kinds comprise Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Both companies and individuals can utilize Tableau Desktop as the primary tool for analyzing data from desktop computers.

Tableau Server is software companies can upload to its massive servers, allowing employees to access it through a browser. The certifications available are available for those who use Tableau Desktop and might be available for professionals looking to master data analysis using Tableau worksheets and spreadsheets. Each certification signifies a specific degree of competence. Therefore you must have the prior certification to be qualified for the next one. Here are a few of the Tableau certifications:

Tableau Desktop Specialist certificate

This Tableau Desktop Specialist certificate is a basic course and exam designed for Tableau Desktop specialists. You should have more than three years of experience using Tableau Desktop and some basic computing skills. The certification will show that you are proficient in accessing data sources and creating, organizing and analyzing data and timelines in delivering results. The test is comprised of 45 multiple-choice questions that you can attempt in 1 hour. In all the questions that are asked, Tableau doesn’t score five questions. You can count 40 questions as completed.

The 40 questions will be included in your final grade and Tableau utilizes five questions to collect data from a statistical perspective. The exam time also includes reviewing a confidentiality agreement, which can take around three minutes. To pass the test you must score at least 750 points. When you pass the exam you can access your score instantly. There are a variety of testing facilities that allow you to take the test in person. However you are also able to take it on the internet. Earning the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification can be beneficial, particularly since you don’t have to take the test every couple of years, like other certifications.

Tableau Server Certified Associate certificate

This Tableau Server, Certified Associate certification, is intended for professionals who utilize Tableau Server. Having up to four or one years of expertise using Tableau Server is important before applying it to your company’s systems. Most of those who take the test are system administrators or organization consultants. This test will examine your knowledge of licensing the software and hardware requirements to Tableau Server, network infrastructure, source identification practices, and troubleshooting server processes. The test may also assess your abilities to secure the security of your server, install complex systems, and complete basic administration tasks.

The exam lasts 90 minutes long and is comprised of 55 multiple-choice questions. There’s also a non-disclosure agreement that you must read within 90 minutes. 50 out of 55 questions count towards your score, while five are for statistical reasons. While taking the test, knowing what questions are scored and the other Tableau sets are unscored is impossible. After you have completed the test and passed, you’ll be able to access the results instantly and for you to pass, you need an overall score of 750.

Tableau Certified Data Analyst certificate

Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification is for professionals who analyze the data using Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online, or Tableau Prep. These applications allow you to examine data sets and generate documents that aid in a company’s decision-making process. To prepare for the exam, you should use Tableau’s software for at least six months to ensure you are proficient with the application. It is a Certified Data Analyst test that lasts two hours. When you begin your test, you need at least three minutes to review the non-disclosure contract and five minutes for a briefing.

Certifications for Tableau partners

The business can be a Tableau partner if willing to cooperate with Tableau. There are three kinds of Tableau partners. They are Tableau partner resellers, Tableau service partners and Tableau technology partners. Tableau reseller partners offer Tableau products as well as provide the planning and implementation of services. So that Tableau service partners can advise other businesses on various data strategies. And upgrade Tableau products following installation. Tableau technology partners gather, monitor and store data and connect it to Tableau clients. Here are some certifications Tableau partners might need:

Tableau Certified Associate Consultant certificate

Associate consultants work for Tableau to determine the products clients need. They design and create diagrams using Tableau and offer advice regarding the best business procedures. It would be best to pass the test with an average of six years of knowledge of Tableau products.

This Tableau Certified Associate Consultant and AWS Certification test comprises 55 multiple-choice questions and a multiple-response format, unlike Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server certifications. The Certified Associate Consultant test is an open-book test. This means you can not refer to websites like Tableau during the test. The exam questions are focus on specific skills like making plans for implementing Tableau calculations into your work using Tableau Desktop and recommending analytics methods base on the client’s specifications. It’s also essential to master the best ways to link data sources and build dashboards. The test will last approximately 90 minutes.

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