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How To Avoid Shipping Delays And Deliver Shipments On Time?

How To Avoid Shipping Delays

According to a study, 69% of buyers are less likely to come back to your store again if their purchase is not delivered within two days of the promised delivery date. Shipping delays, therefore, can have a negative impact on your e-commerce business. Timely deliveries are important whether you need to ship internationally or across the country as customers expect their orders to reach them quickly with minimal hassle. If you fail to do so, then your store’s reputation will suffer and you could lose potential customers. They can do it from the comfort of their homes and receive the product at their homes.

Before finding out how to avoid shipping delays, let’s find out the key reasons that cause shipping delays.

Main reasons behind delayed shipments

1. Inaccurate shipping information: As a result if you enter incorrect address data or other important details while placing an order, it can affect the shipment’s delivery speed. Incorrect addresses may lead to delays as the package is sent back to the seller, resulting in a longer transit time.

2. Poor inventory management: If you don’t keep a track of your stock levels, then there is a risk that the items won’t be available when buyers place an order. This will lead to delayed shipments as you have to procure products from another source before fulfilling the order.

3. Unforeseen circumstances: Certain external factors can be out of your control, such as bad weather or industrial strikes, leading to unexpected delays in shipment.

4. Improper packaging: If you don’t use the right materials for packing and shipping products, it can lead to damages that may delay the delivery process.

5. Lack of the right ecom shipping solution: You will have to face delayed shipping issues if you’ve partnered with an incompetent shipping partner.

How to Avoid Shipping Delays?

Your shipping timelines play a significant role in making your brand value in the industry. Delayed deliveries not only irate customers but also result in a high RTO percentage, lowering your profit margin. To ensure timely deliveries, you need to take proactive steps and stay organized. Here are some best practices that can help you avoid shipping delays:

1. Monitor your inventory

Regularly check your stock levels to ensure that you always have the items ready for shipping when customers place an order. Make sure that you update your inventory regularly so that buyers don’t face any hassle in getting their orders on time.

2. Choose a reliable shipping partner

An experienced and reliable shipping partner can help you in reducing the risks of delays and make sure to do your research and read customer reviews before selecting a particular carrier. In fact, choosing a shipping aggregator like NimbusPost over an independent courier partner works better as aggregators offer multiple courier options along with several other benefits. The prominent ecom shipping solution provider not only offers an advanced tech-enabled shipping dashboard but also a reliable set of courier partners and the widest delivery network across the world.

3. Double check all the information

Before sending out an order, make sure that all the details such as the address, contact number, etc. are accurate and up-to-date. This will ensure that your products reach the right person, on time.

4. Use proper packaging material

Choose sturdy and durable packing materials, such as corrugated boxes and bubble wraps, to protect your items during transit. This will help in reducing the chances of damages and delays in shipments.

5. Have a backup plan

Unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or industrial strikes can cause delays. To avoid this, have a backup plan in place and look for alternative carriers to ensure the timely delivery of orders.

Role of a shipping partner

A shipping partner plays a crucial role in preventing delays in shipments. In addition, consumers no longer have to go to physical stores to buy their products according to their tastes. They have the expertise similarily resources to ensure that your orders are delivered on time. Some of their advantages include:

1. Experienced staff:

Shipping partners have experienced professionals who understand the industry’s best practices and can help you streamline the entire process quickly. One of the challenges is that business owners need to be ready to provide delivery services to their customers. 

2. Access to advanced tools:

Shipping partners have access to the latest technology and tools that can help you track your orders in real-time.

3. Cost savings:

They understand the market well and know how to negotiate better shipping rates with carriers. So that which can result in significant cost savings for your business. Your e-commerce website acts as your online store. In addition, consumers no longer have to go to physical stores to buy their products according to their tastes.


In conclusion, by partnering with a reliable shipping partner, you can easily avoid shipping delays and ensure the timely delivery. This will help in building customer trust and loyalty which is essential for the growth of your business. Summing up NimbusPost offers the most fitting ecom shipping solutions for eCommerce brands as it specializes in catering. Overall We hope that these tips will help you understand how you can avoid shipping delays and ensure customer satisfaction.

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