Level Up You Puzzle Solving experience with Slashy

We all have a universal habit of playing games. During short work breaks or long vacations, games are one of the options to pass that time. There are many games available for everyone in this gaming industry. And choosing the best among them can be hectic.

A hyper-casual game will never bore you on your breaks. Because these are simple games with repetitive gameplay. Now, involving repetitive gameplay does not mean that these games are boring. This simply means that you will not be wasting your time understanding the tricky gameplay of a game.

One such game that vanishes all your search endeavors is Slashy. A simple puzzle game that will never bore you. In this game, you have to burst the discs placing the slices on their respective discs. The more you break the discs the more points you will gain. And by this, you will win the level.

This hyper-casual game is the perfect game for your short work breaks. Because there are no complicated gaming layouts. This is an easy game that will entertain you completely. Besides being an entertaining game, this game is filled with many more perks. Let’s know all the benefits it has:

  • Goal of Slashy

The game is created with a single aim. The player has to achieve that particular goal to be the winner of the game. Similarly, Slashy has a single and simple goal. You have to burst the discs by placing slices on their respective blocks.

Doing so will help you gain points. And by gaining a particular number of points, you will win the level and move up to the next level. The same has to be done at each level. But this won’t be easy! You will have to cross many hurdles to become the ultimate winner.

  • Over 300 levels

Slashy created a game with over 300 levels. Also, all the levels are filled with exciting hurdles. You have to overcome the hurdles and win the level by gaining a good number of points. In addition to this, the game also gives you the satisfaction of bursting the discs.

This will psychologically help you deal with stress more positively. To illustrate, when we get stressed, all we want to do is break things. Breaking something calms our mind somehow. The same feeling is fulfilled by this game. You can mentally find a kind of relief by breaking the discs.

  • Exclusive hurdles

As mentioned above, the hurdles present are the essence of this game. The first obstacle that you will encounter are the additional discs. First level will have 3 discs surrounding the slice plate. However, as you move forward in the game, you will witness an additional disc at each level. This additional disc process will continue till the 12th level.

At the 13th level, the discs will again reduce to 3. The same process will be followed every 12 levels. Furthermore, the next block in the game are the rotating and revolving discs. To elucidate, further in the game, the discs will start revolving around the slice plate. The discs will also start rotating on their own axes. And the speed will keep increasing with the levels.

  • The timer and set of moves

Every game has a rule, either minor or major, but rules are mandatory for any game. The same is given in Slashy. Initially, you will have to win the level with a set of moves. You will notice some number of moves at the top of the screen. You have to finish the game within that set of moves. This will continue until the 49th level.

At the 50th level, the set of moves will change into a timer. Now, the game will revolve around a clock. You have to finish the game within this time frame. This will continue until the 96th level. With the 97th level, the set of moves will be back. The same will be followed further in the game.

  • Breakthrough the obstacle with a hammer

With rules and hurdles, a game also provides you with a free card to get out of a barrier. The free card in Slashy is a hammer. The game provides the player with 3 hammers at each level. Now, in the beginning of the game, you may not need these hammers. But further in the game, you will be needing these to help you cross the levels.

Additionally, if you use up all the 3 hammers and still need more, you can watch the advertisement. You will have the option of watching an ad video to gain a hammer. You can then use this to overcome the snag.

  • Exciting props

Props are the best part of any game. The more props you get in a particular game, the more entertaining that game becomes. Likewise, Slashy has very exciting props for the players. Initially, the game starts with an orange slice. You have to place the pieces of this orange slice on the disc and burst the discs.

As you move ahead in the game, you will have access to many more options for a slice plate. You can choose a clock, a vinyl record, a pizza, a football, a kiwi, a compact disc, a sunflower, a diamond, a plate, a crystal ball, a donut, a globe, and many more amazing props.

  • Customize with amazing themes

Any game is incomplete without a theme. Slashy is a whole entertainment package with exclusive themes installed for the players. The game starts with a default theme. A classy blue color background. Thus, you will enjoy the experience of this theme.

You can also choose either a Night theme or a Nature theme. Both themes are mesmerizing and beautiful to look at. You will have a great experience with these amazing background images. The game will become more interesting and attractive to play.

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To sum up, Slashy has all the benefits a game should have. With the best themes, props, levels, hammers, and amazing obstacles. Hence, you will never lose interest in the puzzle game. You will love the slice placing task and discs bursting enjoyment. So, don’t hold yourself from getting onto this fun puzzle ride. Download Slashy now and start breaking those discs.

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