Popular Nightlife And Shopping Places in Lima


In the growth and development into an expansive. Bustling and tourist-friendly city, Lima is home to a variety of new shops. As well as popular Shopping Places in Lima.

Commercial areas and shopping malls that are ideal for anyone with a budget starting from very low-cost street fairs to the more expensive malls.

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Shopping Places in Lima

El Cacaotal

A sustainable chocolate shop that offers delicious chocolate and expert advice from connoisseurs. This is the perfect way to show your appreciation to family and friends at home, and gives fair-trade benefits to small-scale farmers in Peru.

Along with a separate chocolate laboratory.

It’s managed by Anthropologist Amanda Wildey, whose studies of transforming coca producers into cocoa producers has yielded handsome profits.

La Zapateria

Leather shoes made by hand can be custom-made to order and there’s a wide selection of fashionable models to be found on the shelves for males and females.


The store is massive and has four levels to explore, each offering an array of different items. Jewelry and designer pieces from international and national fashion brands. As well as the perfect home decor and baby clothing is on display on the 2nd and 1st floors.

The top floors are home to an art gallery as well as the rooftop restaurant, which is farm-to-table.

Flora & Fauna

Whole Foods, meet your Peruvian cousin. A bright, welcoming space with an outdoor eating area invites you to browse shelf after shelf of all-natural, organic products. Everything you love about Peruvian superfoods and super snacks  fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, in addition to natural cosmetics make the perfect retail therapy.


The Avintage Casona is home to this modern craft store that has a beautiful courtyard cafe. Ceramics, clothing, jewelry and much more It’s where handcrafted items and creative ideas are appreciated. Find something to give someone who isn’t you, and you’ll probably take home something to keep too.

La Calandria

Buy organic food items and sundries at this neighborhood shop. Refrigerators are filled with fermented drinks and yogurt, while shelves are lined with bulk grain and chocolate bars that are made of Peruvian cacao. You can spend all day gazing at the jars of loose-leaf teas or you can inquire with the knowledgeable staff.

Nightlife in Lima

Museo del Pisco

The educational component of this fantastic bar may bring you to the bar however it’s the friendly ambience and the outstanding drinks that keep people there. We enjoyed the asu mare pisco martini made with cucumber, ginger, melons and basil.


The stylish mansion, with decorated rooms, as well as a stunning patio is Barranco’s most recent popular place. Are you aware of those places that aren’t described as a location but rather the feeling of hugging a loved one? That’s Dada.

Be well-dressed and financially able. The cocktails aren’t inexpensive, but they’re delicious. Live performances of jazz, calypso and rock.

Barra 55

The bar specializes in gin. This small bar is located into Barranco’s most vibrant streets. It’s a perfect after-work hangout. and also a warming-up for an exciting night to come.

Jazz beats are transforming into funky music and a variety of international gins as well as drinks and delicious tapas dishes to go with it This is the place that Lima was not able to find.

Red Cervecera

A complete place to visit for beer enthusiasts as well as novices. The well-stocked shop at the entrance has all of the equipment and ingredients that you need to make an artisanal craft beer and the bar in the back offers domestic and house-brewed beers available on the tap.


The shabby-looking bar with wood clad walls which was a hangout for leftists. In the 1960s – is considered to be one of the most relaxing spots in Barranco.

It is decorated with the entire history. Of theater posters and posters.

This is where the scribbling set is able to drink chilcano pisco and discuss the condition of humanity. There’s no sign, you can see the space dotted by wine glasses.

Nuevo Mundo Draft Bar

Nuevo Mundo was one of the first craft breweries. That be established in Lima. And is currently an important player in the scene of pubs, offering an array of craft brews from around the world available on the tap.

It is heavily decorated in the local term. “chicha” art (think neon colors and loud words). This is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing hours or to watch the latest soccer match.

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Bravo Restobar

With a bar that is backlit with wood and stone interiors, Bravo’s skilled bartenders whip up an impressive drink menu (try the aguaymanto-sour composed of pisco as well as Amazonian fruits). A great variety of piscos made from small batches make this relaxing San Isidro lounge an ideal place to relax and enjoy. It also serves highly acclaimed Italian-Peruvian fusion food.

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