Slashy (Fun Puzzle Game) – The Prime Hyper Casual Game

Working days can be very hectic for many of us. Having the perfect partner for such situations makes it easier for every human being to get through this stressful time. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a person as a partner. So for the majority of us who don’t have this luxury, Slashy is the best companion for you.

This is a simple hyper casual game. First, let’s know what hyper casual games are? A simple game with repetitive gameplay. Thus, when compared to other games, hyper casual games are easy to understand and play. However, these games are very entertaining and addictive.

Slashy, to be precise, is a simple puzzle game. other puzzle games, there are discs in this game. You have to break the discs and win the levels. But breaking the discs is not as easy as it sound. There are several obstacles created in this game for you. You need to overcome these hurdles and break the discs.


Your aim to win levels in Slashy is to cross the different hurdles. And to be precise these hurdles are the USP of this game. Surely you will enjoy overcoming these challenges. Now, let’s dive into the Perks of this fun puzzle game.

To illustrate, there will be a slice plate surrounded by discs. Your aim is to place the slices on the discs and break it. You will win the stage when achieved the given goal in the particular level. Furthermore, there is more to this game. Let’s know all about it:

Perks of this fun puzzle game

  • The ultimate goal of Slashy

As mentioned above, your ultimate task in this game is to break the discs. The intensity of obstacles in the game will increase as you move up the levels. You need to overcome the hurdles and win all the levels with great scores.

  • Levels count over 300

The game offers a great set of levels to the players. There are over 300 levels with amazing hurdles for you to cross and win. Each level will have a different difficulty and crossing the same will keep you entertained all throughout the game.

  • Sets and timer cycle of the game

Initially, as you start playing this puzzle game, you will notice a set of moves offered to you. There will be a set of moves at each level within which you need to complete the stage. This set will continue till the 49th level.

After the 49th level, the set of moves will turn into a timer. Now, the game will run on a timer. You have to complete the level within the given time period. The same will continue until the 96th level. After that the same set of moves will appear.

  • Hurdles to keep you entertained

At the start of the game, you will witness 3 discs surrounding the slice plate. As you win the first level and move on to the next level, you will notice an additional disc. Same way, one disc will be added in each level till the 12th level. At the 13th level, the discs will again reduce to 3. And the same process will follow till the next 12 levels.

In addition to this, another snag in the game are the rotating and revolving discs. Further in the game you will come across levels in which the discs will revolve clockwise around the slice plate. Moreover, the discs will also rotate anticlockwise on their own axes. Plus, the speed of this motion will increase as you level up.

  • Customize the theme as per your liking

Slashy has 3 themes installed for you. At the beginning of the game you will be playing in the default theme. As you move ahead in the game, you can unlock the Night and the Nature theme as well. Thus, you will have the freedom to customize the scene of the game as per your mood.

  • Use hammer if you are stuck

While playing the puzzle game like a pro, you can come across a moment when you get stuck. To get you out of this pothole, Slashy has an ultimate weapon for you, Hammer! You can use this to break the discs.

You will receive 3 hammers at each level. However, if you use all the hammers and still need more to cross the level, you can watch an advertisement. By watching this ad video you will gain one hammer and can get through the stage easily.

  • Exclusive props for you

Slashy has an amazing set of props installed for you. Initially, you will be starting with an orange slice. As you move forward in the game, you will be able to unlock more exciting props in the game.

To illustrate, you can unlock a vinyl record, a plate, a clock, a kiwi, a football, a compact disc, a pizza, a button, a ball, a diamond, a crystal ball and many more props. These props will keep you entertained and the game will be more fun with them.


To sum up, Slashy is power packed with the most entertaining obstacles and levels. The more you play the more addictive this game will become. Moreover, the feature of changing the theme makes it more fun, as you can change the view of the game. he huge variety of props is the most eye-catching attribute of Slashy.


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