5 Social Media Strategies Companies Can Follow

The introduction of MySpace in the early 2000s officially introduced the world to social media. Tom Anderson launched the social media platform ideally to help musicians and bands share music and information gradually paving the way for Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media strategies we see today. Even in the early social media era, the global population only used social media to connect with friends and acquaintances. 

Gradually the usage pattern has evolved, and currently, social media is one of the handiest tools for a company to boost its sales. if you face a problem in social media strategies, take assignment help on social media topics Facebook, Instagram, etc., are launching new features every now and then to assist businesses in reaching more potential customers.

 So, social media is not just about the likes, shares, and follows but also a tool for businesses to cement their position as distinguished brands. Companies are coming up with various social media strategies to lead the race in the cut-throat corporate race. On that note, here we discuss five social media strategies that companies can follow –


You may have heard about chatbots but don’t know what it is capable of. Many companies extensively use chatbots to serve their customers. This digital tool is an AI-powered virtual assistant that is mostly used to communicate and resolve customer problems. In many industries where customers need 24/7 assistance, companies use bots instead of human employees. Unlike humans, chatbots don’t need to work in shifts. 

Moreover, we can integrate chatbots to communicate tirelessly with customers irrespective of the time. Social media platforms like Chatty people are helping companies to integrate chatbots into their social media strategy. With this social media, companies can integrate AI-powered bots even with zero coding knowledge. What makes Chatty people so popular is that it allows the bots to answer customer questions and directly take orders from Facebook comments and messenger. 

Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with every major payment system, making chatbots an excellent social media strategy. Chatbots are indeed multi-dimensional tools that can create a personalized customer experience. With the help of artificial intelligence, it can automate daily tasks and, with proper implementation, can enhance the user experience of a customer. 

An excellent social media strategies is stopping any advertisement that will lead customers to land pages. Instead, with the help of AI, you can create ads that redirect the audience to a messenger window. So, with the help of chatbots, companies can show customers that companies can sell even without using any traditional selling method. Moreover, this makes the whole experience feel personal and builds a loyal customer base, which in turn increases sales figures.

Creating a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is coming up to be one of the most prominent forms of marketing, and according to experts, it is here to stay. However, companies need to balance both quality and quantity while designing content marketing campaigns. Many brands do not link quality content with the correct posting schedule or maintain the correct posting frequency. Digital marketers post high-quality SEO content to target the right customers at the right time. 

A good content marketing strategy can attract an organic audience. Paid promotions can generate more likes and followers, however, doesn’t ensure more sales. That is only possible through organic leads; thus, content marketing is just the right social media strategies if you have thorough and optimized content.

Create a community

Although a higher number of followers are not always the only metrics to determine success, they are certainly a big parameter to establish your identity. A social media page with a flourishing follower number creates a great first impression before someone visits the page for the first time. However, buying your followers is never the ideal or sustainable way to ensure success. You need to build your audience through good-quality content. Moreover, you also need to show them that you are not just a “bot” managing the page. 

Customers always love a little “human” touch while transacting. So, you can create a community and engage your audiences by integrating emotion and humor in your posts. Creating relatable content helps you to connect with customers more quickly. 

For example, creating Christmas-related posts or adding elements like Santa Clause, snowflakes, and candy sticks during the Yuletide season can help you reach and connect with more potential customers during the festive season. 

There are certain tips that you can implement while designing your social media strategy –

  • Engage audiences with open-ended questions.
  • Gather their opinions.
  • Allow audiences to post their experiences on the community page and encourage them by featuring and sharing their posts.
  • Do not post just about your products. Make the community page interesting by sharing other relevant, newsworthy information.
  • Maintain direct communication with the customers by remaining active on the messenger.

Diversified content strategy

A social media strategy should never be boring. Companies try to attract a younger audience through social media marketing, and they can use memes, funny videos, and images to make the content relatable. Marketers can also start podcasts and try to jazz up the page. Whatever the content is, the main objective is to make the social media page look attractive. Similar photos must be posted regularly in order to create a brand personality. You can always choose a style for your page, but remember to be consistent in your posting patterns.

Use brand advocates

We often make the mistake of overlooking the best medium to promote a brand. There is no better advocate for your brand than a happy customer. So, don’t always stress on finding new customers. You can always make strategies to leverage your existing customer base. You can use the testimonials from your existing customers to lure new leads. However, handling customers can get quite sensitive, and you may need expert ideas to develop a social media plan.

You can also use your own employees to be brand advocates by creating specific social media guidelines for your brand. Educate the employees about the best practices of social media and make one of the employees a leader in driving the social media advocacy plan. You can gather the data to pinpoint the areas you have to improve and identify which areas are already performing well. 

Summing Up: 

A good social media campaign will tell the audience a story about your brand. So, make good use of the various social media platforms to narrate the stories happening in your company. In an era where customers love transparency and information more than anything, allowing them an insight into the belly of the organization makes you a more attractive option than others. 

Use the newest features like Facebook or Instagram live to stream your operations in real time and use social media to the fullest. Use social media to highlight that you are more than just another money-making machine, and become more profitable by engaging and inspiring your customers. 

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