Tools Rated Highly for Converting Videos from YouTube to MP3

Tools Rated Highly for Converting Videos from YouTube to MP3

YouTube Turns 15: A Look Back at How It Transformed Culture
In celebration of YouTube’s 15th anniversary, I thought we should look back at the site’s origins, evolution, and far-reaching cultural impact.
Those looking for fresh music have never had it better on YouTube. There are a variety of online converters that will allow you to convert YouTube videos to MP3s, so if you enjoy searching the site for new music and compiling playlists of your favorites, you can do so with ease.
  • YouTube to MP3
  • 4K YouTube to MP3
  • Y2mate
  • Mp3 Juice
  • VidPaw
Please be aware that it is against YouTube’s terms of service to steal audio from their videos, so proceed with caution if you plan to do so. We advise you to first explore legal alternatives to illegally downloading music from YouTube, such as the upcoming YouTube Music service that will eventually replace Google Play Music.

YouTube to MP3

Several people have the impression that audio ripping sites don’t always provide high-quality MP3 songs, and others have even reported that these sites have become infected with malware and phishing scams. However, YouTube to Mp3 appears to be an exception. We put this site through its paces every month, and so far, it has passed with flying colors in terms of reliability, speed, security, and user friendliness. To watch a video, simply copy the link from YouTube and paste it into the text box below. Turning YouTube videos into MP3s is a breeze.
Please take note that there are pop-up advertisements on this site (including one that bizarrely resembles a Terms of Service page), although they don’t seem malicious. You can ignore them and continue on with your day.

4K YouTube to MP3 

You’re not stuck with sketchy ripper sites if you want to extract audio from videos on YouTube. It’s also possible to use secure desktop software. One such example is the 4K YouTube to MP3 converter. Just and paste the link to the YouTube video you want converted, and 4K YouTube to Mp3 will do the rest, much like an audio ripping website. Furthermore, 4K YouTube to MP3 allows you to do more than simply download individual music, as it also allows you to save entire YouTube playlists.
This tool is available for no additional cost and works on Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu computers.


Like the other tools we’ve discussed, Y2Mate has a simple copy-and-paste interface that can be accessed online without the need for cumbersome tool installation.
The abundance of pop-up advertisements is a major problem with Y2Mate. This is annoying at best and raises virus fears at worst. Using Y2Mate shouldn’t put your computer at risk so long as you don’t interact with any of the pop-ups, especially if your system already has malware installed. This manner, you can check the legitimacy of the sites you visit and the safety of the files you download.
One frequent method is to manually copy and paste the link to the desired location, select the resolution, and start downloading. The simpler option is to enter “pp” after “youtube” in the link address line while playing a YouTube video to redirect to the download page. It saves YouTube videos faster. It also claims unlimited downloads, high-speed converters, and free forever. Its features don’t require registration.

MP3 Juice

Indeed, streaming is a really useful method of distribution. If you have a lot of data or if you’re using WiFi, streaming is also likely to be the most practical option for you. But, if you don’t have unlimited bandwidth and can’t always access a WiFi network, it’s worth considering whether or not you really need to stream music all the time.
Many people throughout the world rely on MP3Juices as their go-to music app. It’s a simple, fast, and clear platform for converting streaming audio or video into a downloadable MP3 file.
In what ways does it conduct its business?
Not much has changed visually in the MP3 Juice interface since it was first made available to the public. There’s little doubt that this is done to keep up the reputable facade that so many people have grown to rely on. But, as time has progressed, so too have the location’s capabilities and the operational conditions.


Whether a video is hosted on Vimeo, or Dailymotion, the content, which may or may not be fascinating or insightful, is what draws viewers in, while the technology used to host the video is often overlooked. In actuality, the content frequently overpowers the enhancements made to the aesthetic impression by the video hosting companies.
YouTube is always ahead of the curve when it comes to video technology because it is the largest video-sharing website. The content, whether on Vimeo, or Dailymotion, is what attracts viewers in, not the technology. Content often outweighs video hosting firms’ cosmetic upgrades. VidPaw is another great alternative if you want to download an HD video from YouTube, along with the aforementioned services.
Downloading HD films from YouTube is a breeze with VidPaw, another online app.  It’s worth noting that the only format for downloading 1080p files is video without audio.
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