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Twitter Business Model: How Fintech Helps Twitter ?


This blog will explain how Twitter makes money. Bluebird, which turns the tables by using trending hashtags, makes a lot of money. How do you make it happen?

This blog will discuss the Twitter Business Model. Its structure and methods for calculating its account balance. Let’s take your time if you find this topic intriguing. This blog covers everything you need to know. The Twitter Business Model. But before moving any further, you must understand what Twitter is.

Twitter’s revenue is split into two categories by selling advertising services. This accounts for the majority of its income. Twitter is not the only one in this race. Other runners include Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc., Google and YouTube parent Alphabet Inc. GOOG, Snap Inc. SNAP, and many others. We are now moving forward to help you know the Twitter Business Model.

What is twitter? 

Twitter currently comes under the top social media platform. It was established in California in 2006 and was built on MySQL. Now it is very popular with its posts and messages, which are called ‘tweets’ on the Twitter platform, and has been very controversial nowadays, which is one of the reasons Twitter has more reach and engagement. It is free to use for both private and commercial users. You can tweet up to 280 characters long and do it more than 2000 times a day. The user’s followers can see all these tweets. 

What is the business model of Twitter?

The points mentioned come under the business model of Twitter, as it is how it makes money.

1. Subscription services 

Twitter has a membership service called ‘Twitter Blue.’ This membership was Twitter’s first-ever service in June 2021. It is only available in some countries like Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand. Twitter Blues has many themes, thread readers, custom app icons, and top articles. All these features can be integrated into your app, whether an iPhone or an android phone. It costs $4.99/month to get all these features. Through this subscription, you can get early access to the latest features.

2. Advertising programs

More than 200 million people are connected with Twitter, and they use it every month globally. Because of such a user base, all companies and brands use Twitter to promote their products, business, and services. Through these, Twitter earns too much revenue from it. There are various types of advertisements on Twitter, enabled ads in which users will be shown ads according to the post or tweet they like so that they will only see the ad in which they were interested. Promoted accounts in which company accounts are advertised and promoted trend takeovers in which hashtag is featured, and through this, advertising programs leap. 

3. Data licensing

Data licensing is one of the essential parts of twitter’s revenue model. Twitter provides data licensing to third parties to get access and uses its platforms to search and analyze the data from the current one and the past. This is only possible when the user gives access or approval to share their data, as taking the user’s concern is necessary.Every day, millions of tweets are shared. It will be a considerable amount of unfiltered data, so they can know what their consumers are up to nowadays. So this data will help them in their business.

How fintech companies continuously succeed at Twitter

1. Promoting their business

There are many modern problems that Fintech app development company solve. These include making banking easier while streamlining processes, increasing investment without high fees, facilitating payments between customers, guaranteeing loans without extra bureaucracy, and other financial services, all within a well-regulated system.

Twitter is a crucial player in how companies inform consumers, investors, the media, and the public about the changes they are making to their platforms.

2. Supporting social cause

Fintech companies aim to make life easier for consumers by providing better, faster, and more affordable tools. But money isn’t all that matters. Only fintech app development company can exist, even start-ups. They live and work in their communities. To show their support for social and community causes, Fintech uses Twitter.

 3. Public Relation takeaway

Fintech will continue to grow, just like other tech industries. It aims to simplify experiences for consumers in traditional bureaucratic sectors. Fintech platforms will need to communicate quickly with investors and consumers while also keeping an eye on the competition as the market becomes more competitive. Twitter is a great way to achieve this.

It is a great channel to keep up with and lead industry conversations. It is vital for a solid communications strategy.

4. Showcasing their security updates

Modern fintech tools are trendy. However, given recent security breaches, companies must assure users that their personal information is secure. We’re talking about peoples’ financial health, and with $ 16.8 billion of identity data stolen last fiscal year, this is something to pay attention to.

Companies in Fintech spend a lot of time trying to increase security for their users. Twitter is a powerful tool for communicating these changes.

Companies have not stopped communicating with their users since May 25th, the GDPR implementation deadline. However, a stripe is okay with sharing how they comply with the new regulations. They also shared a detailed guide that will help you understand the subject.


The discussion at the top clarified how Twitter makes money. With millions of users, it has topped the game.If you want to develop an app like Twitter, there is no better option than contacting the top mobile app development company. They will build you an app with your ideation that will enhance your business and lead you to the top of the business platform.

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