UAE Desert Camps-Sports: What Children Should Be Aware Of

The school year is almost over, and students are eagerly anticipating the summer holidays. Some students will still keep busy at summer camps in Desert despite their educational activities being over. Many others will rest their minds after the long school year by staying at home or travelling abroad. Do summer camps or relaxation after a school year benefit students more in the long run? GEMS World Academy’s Director of Positive Education, Elena Aldridge, said that children’s and teens’ brains develop rapidly and must be stimulated constantly.

Summer Is A Great Time For Students To Put The Skills They Learned At School To Use In A Variety Of Activities:

No matter what your opinion on summer camps is, here are some things to remember when making your decision. First, summer camps are not meant to prepare students for more school, rather, they should prepare them for life. Secondly, real life experiences provide students with a deeper, longer lasting learning experience. 


A ‘free’ and relaxed mind is a lot more receptive to learning skills such as creativity, team building, leadership, decision-making, solution finding and many more.  And who knows, maybe your child will uncover some hidden talents in the process too,” Aldridge said. The student of DPS Sharjah Ashwin Daniel Mathew suggested students engage in summer camp activities instead of wasting time on gadgets. As a UAE resident, we get a long summer break between July and August.

Since It Is Very Hot To Play Outside,

We have to think of indoor activities. Rather than spending all their time on video games and smartphones, it is a good idea for children to attend a summer camp. “This will relieve boredom and give them a chance to learn something new,” he explained. Mathew, however, believes the cost of summer camps is one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to participate. Most camps aren’t affordable for everyone, but I worked at Kerala arts institutes during the past three summer breaks, which were quite affordable at Dh500-600 a month plus transport.

I spent three hours each weekday learning Carnatic music, guitar, cinematic dance, and pencil sketches/painting, which helped keep my holidays enjoyable while making new friends. As teenagers become less interested in these camps, we need to come up with a new set of activities like personality development or public speaking. Mathew said that these courses would be beneficial in developing life skills provided that the fees remain affordable.

Summer Camps Are Not Worth It To Abhitha Rajesh,

A student at Our Own English School, Sharjah. In addition to saving money, parents and children can plan similar activities in their own homes. I believe summer camps aren’t as exciting and fun as what we can create at home. For example, I enjoy making ornaments out of quilling paper during my vacations, along with sketching and painting. Besides spending time with their beloved ones at home, children can also spend time on their hobbies and enjoy exciting and fun activities – as they would at summer camps – without spending money on it. As a result, Rajesh believes summer camps are not worth the investment.

Should Children Attend Summer Camps This Summer Or Should They Relax At Home?

Mixed reactions have been reported. Summer camps offer social interaction, but parents can also help their children with activities at home. In summer camps, children have the opportunity to interact socially, but at home, parents can also help them do activities.

Since About 150 Years Ago,

Summer camps have been providing students with an outlet to flourish and develop life skills that are not necessarily learned in traditional schools. New educational systems such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) were introduced in the 1960s. With the IB, young people are encouraged to become inquisitive, knowledgeable, and caring, so they can contribute to developing a more peaceful and understanding world.

Active Learning, Compassion,

And the understanding that other people, with their differences, can also be right are encouraged among students.


We always say it is up to the parents to decide whether to send their children to summer camp. In this case, attending local events or arranging groups where students interact with others at home could provide opportunities to continue the IB life skills education.

In Case Summer Camps Are Prefers,

GEMS Education schools can provide details about a wide range of programmes, either local or international, that are focuses on different skills. GEMS students often receive special offers at these camps.

When making your decision about summer camps, keep these factors in mind, regardless of whether you are in favor of them or against them. The summer break should prepare students for the real world, not just for more school. A second benefit is that students are able to gain a deeper, longer-lasting understanding of the world through real life experiences. A relaxed and ‘free’ mind is more likely to grasp new skills like creativity, teamwork, leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving. Who knows what will happen. In the process, your child may also discover hidden talents! Have a wonderful summer break!

What Are The Benefits Of Summer Camps?

There are both positives and negatives to summer camps. Summer camps may cost a little, but they are a great way to ensure a child’s development. As children experience new adventures, they gain an increased sense of independence. Children can feel safe at summer camps while their parents are away during the holidays. By gaining confidence and interacting with other students, the child gains self-esteem.

Summer camps can help shy students become more comfortable in social situations by developing their skills. Summer camps and kids activity guides are provided by professionals such as cheap assignment help UAE.


As part of its comprehensive year-round campaign “Their Safety First,” the Child Safety Department conducted a series of visits to popular desert areas in Sharjah during the winter season. A safety guide will be distributes to families and the public who frequently visit desert areas as part of these visits in order to raise awareness about potential dangers to children during camping trips and desert sports.

Family And Children Are Being Educating:

About safe behavior in public places as part of the campaign. In order to educate the public about the importance of children’s safety and raise awareness about the precautions that can be taking to ensure their well-being and safety, Hanadi Al-Yafei, Director of the Child Safety Department, spearheads the campaign visits from February 4th to 11th.

Children and their parents will be educate through field visits in various desert areas of Sharjah about the dangers of riding motorbikes in desert areas and at road intersections without proper safety measures, especially in high-traffic areas.

The Visit Will Take Place At Rahmaniyah Street,

The Mahafez camping area, and the sandy paths of Al Badayer. To increase safety awareness and promote safety, the team will work with Sharjah Police, Sharjah Civil Defence, and Prevention and Safety Authority. Children and families in public places benefit from the “Their Safety First” campaign launched by the Child Safety Department.

The department provides safe and enriching experiences for families and children while camping and exploring desert beauty through regular visits to desert areas.

It is the goal of these visits to raise awareness and provide education so that children and families can make informed decisions and handle emergency risks confidently, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

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