What to Expect After Your Invisalign Retainers are completed

You can have a dental misalignment. It is completely normal. However, this does not have to push you away from leading a normal course of life. Now, you can rectify your misaligned teeth with the help of Invisalign aligners. Gone are the days when you had to regret your entire life for having a set of poor teeth. You used to shy away from the public and avoid local gatherings. Due to a lack of a healthy smile, you do not feel confident to face the public forum.

However, when you have various cosmetic dentistry available these days, you can undergo any one of them as your problem demands. Everybody desires to have a beautiful and enigmatic smile that can have a positive effect on your personality. If you do not have a naturally beautiful smile, you can get it done with the help of efficient dental surgeons and dentists. In such cases, dentists suggest people install the Invisalign retainers for obvious reasons. Once you get them installed, you need to do some aftercare to make sure they last longer.

In this blog, we will share with you the things that you can expect after installing the Invisalign retainers. If you are worried about Invisalign for overbite, we have a solution for you. therefore, read this blog till the end to know more about the results of installing Invisalign retainers.

What is Invisalign treatment?

You must have come across traditional dental braces that dentists used once upon a time to correct the flaws in your teeth. One of the major problems with these braces is they are sometimes too tight for the teeth. Besides, the wires of the braces can stand as difficulty while chewing food and eating.

As an alternative option to these traditional braces, dentists and dental surgeons have come up with the Invisalign treatment. The purpose of these Invisalign aligners is to fix all types of orthodontic issues. So, be it an improper bite pattern or a misaligned tooth, you can ask your dentist to help you with an Invisalign aligner. Not only does it correct the flaws in your teeth, but also provides you with a charming smile within an affordable range. One of the greatest advantages of using Invisalign aligners is you don’t have any metal braces here, unlike the traditional methods of teeth alignment treatment.

What can you expect after Invisalign treatment?

Once you are done with the Invisalign treatment, you need to make sure to take adequate care of it. After all, you are spending some amount of money to get this orthodontic treatment. Therefore, you certainly want to enjoy long-lasting results. Many of you have a question as to whether these Invisalign aligners will last long.

Well, the durability of Invisalign aligners depends on a variety of factors. Of all the potential factors, one of the primary parameters that hint at the durability of an Invisalign aligner is its maintenance. If you want your aligners to last for a long time, you have to take adequate care of them. Not having a healthy maintenance routine for your aligners can result in the following:

  • A shift in the teeth again
  • Incomplete remodeling of the retaining bone and tooth socket
  • Returning your teeth into a misaligned state
  • Waste of your money and time

How to maintain Invisalign retainers?

If you are interested to have your dental Invisalign for a long time, you have to first focus on the retainers. Today, these retainers have made your lives more comfortable. Also, they are less invasive than they used to be previously. However, there are certain things that you need to know about dental retainers. These considerations about the dental retainers are as follows:

  • Make sure to never eat with the retainers inside your mouth. This is because the food particles might get stuck in these retainers and cause a lot of difficulties. So, it is better to remove the retainers while eating. In addition, make sure to replace the dental retainers when they wear out due to regular friction, wear, and tear.
  • Just like food, avoid drinking any too hot or too cold with your retainers on. The material with which the dental retainers are made, cannot withstand the hotness or coldness of these drinks. Hence, they can get damaged at any time.
  • While you are on a spree of taking the retainer out and again putting it in, make sure to rinse the retainer thoroughly. Also, wash the retainer at least once a day. This will help you to keep the retainers unaffected for a long time.

Types of retainers

Not that you have got an idea about the steps that you need to follow to maintain the retainers, but it is time to focus on the various types of retainers available in the dental industry. Given below is a list of the different types of retainers that you can count upon:

  1. Fixed retainersIn a fixed retainer, you will find a thin metal wire that is fixed tightly at the back of your teeth and on the side portion of the tongue. These retainers are permanent solutions. This means when you install these retainers, you do not need to fix them every now and then. They will remain in the same position as long as you open them. One of the drawbacks of using fixed retainers is you cannot move your teeth after installing them. So, eating with these retainers on is a big NO as they can completely damage the retainers.
  2. Removal retainers 

    Removal retainers are available in two forms – the traditional wire retainer and the clear retainer. In the wire retainer, you will come across a customized plastic piece. This piece sits on the surface of your mouth. It has a thin metal wire that encompasses the front portion of your teeth. On the other hand, clear retainers are removable objects that easily slip on top of your teeth.


Now that you have a detailed idea about the maintenance of the Invisalign aligners, you can go ahead with the treatment. Make sure to clarify all your doubts with your dentist before moving on with the treatment. Also, ensure choose a retainer from a reputed brand that is durable enough to last long.

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